Welcome to Universal Historians, Lorekeeper!

It seems you are interested in adding to our Universal Book, DM the human account holder to workshop your lore: Twitter..

What is the Universal Historian Collective?

We are a non-profit with the task of archiving, salvaging, documenting and helping with the distribution of the history from certain species that may suffer greatly from several things such as lack of communication, untranslateable languages and/or dangerous lands. At first it wasn't so simple, and we didn't accept human volunteers until recently. Most planets and goverments see humans as a pest; violent, unreasonable, power hungry, resource stealing. But we noticed that some humans are able to show compassion and help with no reward in mind, so thanks Lorekeeper! You are one of the good humans that are helping us catalogue both your species and the species inside your lively little planet.


If you are interested in talking to us directly, do not hesitate. We will display our direct socials here Link. (doesn't work yet)

Here's the species that we have logged so far: