The Salmian.

The Salmian are an elusive species, the little we know has been due to insiders and many other leaks of data they have had. Despite being pacifists they are secretive and protect their information, next line will be a small demonstration of their new alphabet and a list of the things found inside their planet. The Salmian were a humanoid species at first, resembling Earth Humans both in appearance, speech, diet and mating rituals. After an undisclosed amount of time they adapted to other environments while becoming robotic, this process is not painful and it seems to be the norm for all of them. The process starts when the embryo is inseminated, growing artificially inside a chamber until it reaches the 2 year mark. At this point the formed child is taken, fitted for their new vessel, and the brain and lungs are inserted inside the new vessel. During the first 16 years they are left with a transparent coat that is the "skin", when they reach 16 years of age they are allowed to choose a skin color coat to distinguish themselves. Some skin colors are rarer than others, but everyone can choose any. The most popular color is a pale blue-ish gray.

Placeholder, image of the entire alphabet.

A little on how they behave, and what you can find there: